Welcome to Jansen PCINFO

This site is dedicated to Computer Information, more specifically personal computer information. Hence the name PCINFO in the company title. These articles will focus on the world of computers which is vast and rich.

The owner of Jansen PCINFO, Martin Jansen, got into computers because he couldn’t type very well. His typed papers for school were mostly whiteout. He built his own word processor back in the early 1980s when home computing was in its infancy.

Martin started his career in the non-profit world as a job coach. When he was hired by the American Red Cross, he became their computer “expert.” He fondly remembers installing memory on a Compaq luggable and seeing for the first time Windows 1.0.

Eventually, Martin entered the for profit world working at AC Nielsen and then Humana (formerly EMPHESYS) where he was hired as a temporary computer analyst, hired full-time, and became a senior analyst – team leader. Expanding his options, Martin became a data consultant before retiring from Humana.

We’ll reminisce about other computer adventures in future posts, but our next article speaks to the ongoing debate about operating systems. Which is better, Microsoft Windows or Linux?