Happy New Year – Goodbye 2021

By Martin Jansen, Owner of Jansen PCINFO

We bid adieu to a lackluster 2021 and look forward to a new year filled with promise – at least I hope so.

2021 was filled with news of viruses, both human, as in COVID-19, and computers as in ransomware that encrypts data and holds it hostage.  Both induced fear and paralysis in people and businesses alike.

Hopefully 2022 will bring us relief as in lessened restrictions and hardening of systems to prevent infection.  Yes, we live in a dangerous world, but no, we should not give in to fear.  Instead, prepare as much as possible and let the chips fall where they may.

Some predictions for 2022:  The supply chain issue will end and computer prices will still be higher, but not ridiculously so.  It’s still not a good time to buy new, even though Microsoft and Intel are trying to force the issue.

Foldable screens for computers, tablets and cell phones will become more commonplace.  Portability is the goal.  As with any new technology the prices for these items will slowly come down.

Artificial Intelligence will take off in a bigger way, but we won’t be aware.  This is because organizations are working on these projects away from the public eye and on the server side of operations.

Predictions for the way off future:  Man interfaces with computers, not with keyboards or voice commands, but via neural links.  You can call me crazy now if you wish, but someday it will happen.  Already people are embedding chips in their body which contain passwords and other personal information.  The natural abhorrence to this (cyborgism) will fade over time.

Back to the now.  I wish you a Happy New Year.  May the new year bring you wonderful adventures and success.