Your Favorite Browser

By Martin Jansen, Owner of Jansen-PCINFO

What’s your go to browser on the internet?  I’m sure you’ve heard of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.  But what about Microsoft Edge, the new browser on Windows (replacing Internet Explorer), or the open source version of Chrome – Chromium?

If you are on a Mac you may be using Safari, there was a Windows version, but no more.  Lesser known browsers are Opera and Brave.  Each browser has their loyal followers and each has their detractors.  Many experts urge us to switch away from Chrome because of recent security flaws.  This is not unusual as Chrome has the largest market share.  The biggest always gets the most attention – just ask Microsoft.  All browsers are frequently updated to address security issues.

Mobile versions of Chrome are often found on Android tablets and smartphones.  Safari Mobile is on iPads and iPhones.  There is no shortage of other browsers for mobile devices.  Here’s a short list of candidates to use instead of the usually found browsers:

Internet Browsers Mobile
EdgeMicrosoft Corporation
BraveBrave Software
VivaldiVivaldi Technologies

There are many others for mobile devices.  I suggest reading the reviews before downloading and taking up valuable space on your tablet or smartphone.

Privacy matters more today than it did in the past.  It is no secret that the most popular browsers track your movements and shopping habits.  This is why you get helpful “suggestions” on what to buy next in the form of advertisements.  I prefer to use DuckDuckGo for my search engine in my browsers which avoids this bombardment of ads.  It’s easy to switch Search Engines in most browsers by going into settings.

There are many internet browsers for computers and mobile devices, picking one may be difficult, but it may be worth it to find the best one for your needs.  Adjust the privacy settings to reduce tracking and advertisements.