Exposé: The Inside Workings of a Computer Shop

When you bring in a computer to your local or national computer repair shop, expect a professional handling of the most precious information on the hard drive: Your Data.

Like a doctor, the first rule is “do no harm.”  That is: first do not destroy the customer’s data and make sure all files are backed up.  Only a rookie would delete or overwrite files without knowing the source and type.

Recently, a computer repair shop in Wilmington, DE was spotlighted when the shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, examined three water damaged MacBooks turned in by a customer who might have been Hunter Biden.  Mr. Issac says he has poor eyesight, but the person dropping off the laptops identified himself as Hunter Biden and gave a cell number and email address belonging to Hunter Biden.  Mr. Issac asked for $85 to recover the data, but the man neither paid or returned for the MacBooks.

Mr. Issac did what was required of him as a shop owner, he backed up the hard drives to make sure the data was protected.  What he did next, however, is questionable.  Noticing a Beau Biden Foundation sticker on one of the MacBooks, he examined the contents of the files.  In my opinion, this violation of personal information breaks the confidence between customer and the shop.

Nonetheless, the information discovered on the MacBooks was alarming, indicating that Hunter and his father, Former Vice President Joe Biden, were involved in influence peddling dealings in Ukraine, China and Russia.  For a timeline of these events see: https://abc6onyourside.com/news/nation-world/timeline-allegations-and-evidence-surrounding-hunter-bidens-business-dealings.  It remains to be seen whether these emails and dealings can be proven true, but they have been verified by Tony Bobulinski, former business associate of Hunter Biden.

My opinion: It’s ironic that President Trump was almost impeached over Ukraine and Russia dealings, while the Biden family supposedly profited from their dealing with the same countries.

Anyway, the shop owner did backup and protect the data on the MacBooks until taken into custody by the FBI.  In a normal transaction the data would have been restored at the very least to the owner.

Usually, computer shop owners routinely improve on the state of computers needing repair.  Instead of just fixing the problem, shop owners will go beyond for customer satisfaction.  If the problem is a slow computer, the shop owner may also blow out any dust that is settled on the cooling system in addition to removing any malware or other software that slows a computer down.  Replacing an old hard drive with a new speedy Solid State Drive is another way to make a computer more reliable and responsive.  The idea is to fix the problem and provide the customer with the best possible computer experience.

Sorry if I mislead you with the word Exposé in the title, but most computer shop owners (including me) are trying to provide great service at a reasonable cost.