The Hubris of Microsoft

Microsoft’s New Edge Browser

Microsoft recently sent another update to Windows 10 computers,  This time it sent out a new internet browser called Edge.  Based on Google Chrome’s browser, it is fine — nothing really wrong with it — really.  It does anger users, however, because they didn’t ask for a new browser.  Edge suddenly became their default browser after an upgrade.  And then Microsoft sent out a message — users cannot uninstall Edge even if they wanted to, it is embedded in the code of the operating system.

This hubris from Microsoft is nothing new.  Microsoft knows what is good for you, they claim.  A few years ago, Microsoft foisted a tile based Windows 8 on new computer owners.  Imagine the shock of going from a perfectly usable Windows 7 menu based system to only tiles.  How do you do anything?

I personally use Linux Mint for my own operating system and now my wife uses Linux Mint as well.  She recently converted from using a Chromebox to a (new to her) Zotac ZBOX mini PC.  She now enjoys a stable desktop operating system where upgrades are no big deal.  Unlike Windows 10, where major updates can take hours to complete, Linux Mint is modular and takes minutes to update.  Reboots in Linux Mint are only prompted when a kernel is upgraded.

If you don’t like what Microsoft is doing, it is good to know that you have alternative operating systems.  If you want to try Linux Mint, I have a few computers that I will sell at a low cost.