A Shout Out to Small Businesses

During the Christmas Season it is time to be thankful.  I run my own very small business, but I am thankful that I do not rely on that business to fund my retirement.  Plenty of small businesses are in dire straits due to COVID-19 lockdowns pressed upon them by the Government.  We did see a massive bailout of trillions of dollars for businesses to stay open and support their employees, but many businesses did not receive that help.  Sadly much of the money was misappropriated and is still not spent where it is needed most, with our small businesses.  A second round of spending to help is stalled due to politics.

Many small businesses are failing or have failed never to be seen again.

In many ways this past Presidential Election, in its simplest form, was a choice between big and small.  Big government won. Big Business won and small business has lost.  Most small business owners favor conservative views where independence is valued.  Instead of bailouts, small business owners prefer to prosper by working hard and providing a good product.  Afterall, someone is going to have to pay for these huge bailouts and it will likely be our children and grandchildren.

I urge you to support small businesses by ordering online or calling them directly.  Setup a day of the week to order locally.  We call our day: “Take-out Tuesday.”   And don’t forget to tip generously.

From Jansen-PCINFO, have a Merry Christmas and a hopeful COVID-19 free New Year!