Argument Heard: “I’ve Only Used Windows”

By Martin Jansen, Owner of Jansen-PCINFO

When I talk to people about using Linux Mint instead of Windows as their operating system, I usually hear the same argument: “I’m so used to Windows that I can’t possibly change.”

This argument, for me, falls on deaf ears.  Windows is not some monolithic interface that has never changed.  Windows XP with its prominent Start button had its own interface that seems archaic by today’s standards.  Windows 7 kept the same type of interface changing the menu button to a Windows icon, and then Microsoft went with something unexpected – an all tile interface in Windows 8.  Windows 10 kept the tiles making them smaller, but added another menu system.  And with Windows 11, Microsoft centered the icons making it more like macOS.

Did people complain when Microsoft made all these changes?  Sure they did, but they adjusted and got used to the new interface.  In other words, they learned and changed to accommodate a new user interface and operating system.

My argument for Linux Mint is more than skin deep.  It is the best operating system when compared to Windows.

  1. It is smaller and more efficient, requiring far less system resources.
    1. 15 GB installation space compared to Windows 64 GB
    2. Runs well with 4 GB ram compared to Windows 8 GB
  2. Cinnamon interface is similar to Windows 7 – the most popular Windows yet.
  3. Supports all popular browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox
  4. Secure: Windows is a target of malware thieves, Linux not so much.
  5. Linux runs well on older hardware saving old computers from landfills
  6. System updates are more controlled by the owner, not Microsoft.
  7. Easy to customize the interface to the way you work.
  8. Free to use, unlike Windows $150 license per computer.
  9. Excellent community support in order to fix problems fast.
  10. Reliable and stable – very few crashes and reboots due to system updates.

Finally, here is an image of my Linux Mint desktop after being upgraded to Linux Mint Cinnamon 21, Vanessa: