Home Invasion!

Lydia was minding her own business, just cleaning in the basement, when she noticed Hans, one of our cats, staring intently at the base of the washing machine.

Then she was horrified to hear a small squeaking noise!

Lydia called out for Martin, the bravest man she knew, to come to the basement and listen for the squeak.  After standing by the washing machine quietly the squeak was heard.  Martin sprang into action setting a mouse trap, if indeed it was a mouse.

Now, don’t worry, dear reader, because no mice were hurt in the telling of this story.  Please do not storm our house with signs stating: “Jansen Family Unfair to Mice.”

With the mouse trap set and secured from inquiring cats, Martin retired upstairs to read and delete his many emails in the office.

Minutes later, Lydia called out again for Martin.  She was going to wash the cat box and when she looked down in the wash tub, she saw two beady black eyes staring back at her.  Lydia was shaken to the core as she called once more for Martin.

Martin came down stairs in a rush and deftly placed a small yellow bucket over the home invader.  Then Lydia went to retrieve a thin cutting board from the kitchen.  Martin gently slid the cutting board under the bucket, giving the mouse plenty of time not to have toes pinched.

With the mouse secure under the bucket and the cutting board underneath, all were lifted up out of the tub and walked upstairs.  Lydia opened doors allowing Martin to walk heroically to the local park.  The mouse was last seen basking in its new found freedom under a tree.  It may invade another home again, just not ours.