Windows 10 – Time is Ticking Away

By Martin Jansen, Owner of Jansen-PCINFO

Windows 10 will go unsupported by Microsoft in October 2025.  As of this writing that date is about 24 months away.  Meanwhile Microsoft is working on the next version of Windows beyond Windows 11.  Will it be called Windows 12?  Who knows?  Speculation is that the next version of Windows might be released as early as next October 2024.

Windows 10 finally lost the tiles introduced so pathetically in Windows 8.  The Windows start menu is on the left in Windows 10, but is located in the center in Windows 11 – like Apple operating systems have been using for years.  Will Windows 12 put the start menu at the top of the screen, just to be different?  Again, who knows?

No matter what Microsoft does to the User Interface it will still be Windows underneath.  Windows will still give computer technician’s fits as they try and figure out what went wrong.  I liken Windows to a tall, beautiful building with all the latest technology on top, but the foundation is old and rotten.  Under stress, It doesn’t take much for the tower to fail and/or fall.

The better operating systems, in my opinion, are Linux and its variants.   I like Linux Mint Cinnamon because it just works.  The interface has not changed appreciably in years and is solid as a rock.  Necessary updates are easy to apply and transparent to the user.  Now that I have been using Linux Mint for years, I’m glad not to use Windows very much at all.